WinCo Foods opening in Logan, UT on Nov. 15th, at the corner of W. 1400 N & Main St.

Get to know our store, then enter for a chance to WIN a $50 WinCo Foods gift card!

Officially OPEN in Logan, UT. – at the corner of Main St. and W. 1400 N. (Across the street from Cache Valley Mall)



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At WinCo Foods, you can find LOW PRICES and QUALITY PRODUCTS in every aisle, every department, every day!

  • We believe in saving you money, without gimmicks.

    No need to have a “special” savings card, no need to collect points or rewards; we make saving money on groceries easy. At WinCo Foods, our prices are low and available to everyone!

  • Different is good.

    We’ve been obsessed with saving you money on quality products since 1967. In that time, we’ve learned a few things that makes us a little different, but helps us save you money – please keep in mind that we do not accept credit cards (we accept debit cards, cash, checks, EBT and WIC), and we ask that you please bag your purchase.

  • We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    We know life gets busy, emergencies happen and not everyone works the same shifts. Stop by at any time, day or night – we’ll be there with low prices, quality products and a big smile, ready to help. 🙂

  • Quality and freshness at a low price.

    Quality, fresh produce that will remind you of a farmers market, USDA Choice grade beef at incredible prices, a wide selection of pork, poultry and seafood, our famous fried chicken and deli counter; these are just a few of the fresh items you can find all year round at WinCo Foods.

  • Hot Pizza Department

    It’s delicious pizza parlor pizza at everyday WinCo Foods prices! Classic pizzas, fresh & hot, right out of the oven! Let us bake your favorite pizza for $1 extra (per pizza), or you are welcome to bake your pizza at home! Choose from a variety of toppings, or select one of our pizza options including a flatbread pizza! Plus, don’t forget snacks & drinks! We have toasty churros, soft drinks, smoothies, breadsticks and cheesy garlic bread!

Choice Grade Beef

We are Employee-Owned

  • What's the secret sauce to our success?

    We are owned by your friends and neighbors that work at our store. No rich investors, no stock market to keep happy – just hard working employees that own your store.

  • What does employee-owned mean for the customer?

    It means lower prices, it means better service, it means that we care about your community because it’s also our home.

  • Working at WinCo is more than a job, it's a career.

    Start your journey to ownership today by joining WinCo Foods! Become a part of our family, visit to find openings near you.

  • Employee-Owned Makes a Difference.

    Want to know what it means to be an employee owner at WinCo Foods? Find out more, visit our Stories of Employee Ownership.

Look for these local favorites! ❤️

Fat Boy Product Line-Up: Cookies 'n Cream Ice Cream Sandwiches, Premium Vanilla Sandwiches, Jr. Sandwiches and Vanilla Nut Sundae Bar.

Kodiak Cakes Product Shots: Oatmeal Cups, Granola Bars, Dry Mixes and Frozen Waffles.

Visit us at 1341 Main St. in Logan!

  • Conveniently located at the corner of W. 1400 N. and Main St. (Across the street from Cache Valley Mall.)

  • Please enter and exit on eastbound W. 1400 N., or enter the shopping plaza by heading westbound on W. 1250 N.

  • Customers will also be able to enter southbound Main St.

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